We provide customized care for all domestic, exotic pets and livestock.  Lyndee's Pet Sitters is devoted  to providing quality care and specialized individual attention for your pets.
As an avid animal lover, I have 12 dogs and 2 cats of my own and would want someone to take excellent care of my "kids", while I was away. 
Having been raised on a farm, I have had pets all my life and am greatly concerned with your "kids'" welfare and happiness at all times.  They are comfortable and don't feel abandoned while left in their own safe environment.
Thanks for visiting Lyndee's Pet Sitters from all of Lyndee's "Crew".  Tubby Girl, Samara,  Dusty, Kasey, Ellie, Brie, Bear, Taylor, Brownie, Macaya, Jake, Jello, Boston, and Pip.
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy


Your pets will be treated with respect, love, kindness, and concern so you can feel secure about leaving them in my care.  They will get hugs and kisses daily!

  To Reach Us, Call 623-935-6883